Sunday, July 01, 2007

Happy Canada Day!

Canada turns 140 this year but I don't think she's really showing her age.

I volunteered today at the Museum to help with sidewalk painting. I figured I should give back to the community especially on this day of days. Besides, there was an ice cream sandwich in it for me and I have a particularly bad sweet tooth.

I'm still waiting on the fireworks later tonight but I'm sure they'll be great.

I've been reading all of these articles about Canada and what it is to be Canadian and the history of the country, yadda yadda yadda. I think being Canadian is whatever you make it. I personally feel very proud and privileged to have been born here and believe that I have a responsibility to Canada.

Happy Canada Day!

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3M said...

I've never even been to Canada, but I'd really like to go--especially Vancouver. My best friend lives here now but is from Alberta.

Anyway, about the By the Decade Challenge, it's not too late to join, and yes any book you've read this calendar year counts for the challenge!