Sunday, July 22, 2007

Rafting on the Bow

Yesterday I went on a rafting trip with my aunt and uncle who came up to visit.

I can't tell you how beautiful it was because it's something you really have to experience. The experience is by no means cheap. It's about $30 for a 50 minute ride but the view, the view!

At first I thought we were going to get the raft with the cute guy but we ended up getting in a raft with his dad, Captain Kim (He seemed like a Captain to me). It was actually a better deal because I wasn't distracted from the landscape and there were only four other people in the boat besides the Cap'n and my aunt and uncle.

Captain Kim seemed like a real mountain man, except he was on the river. He was grizzled and wearing equipment that looked worn from so many years in the sun and rain.

As it turned out, I really liked this guy. When the rafting season shuts down in the fall, he heads out. In fact, he has his ticket for India already. He's rafted every major river in the world. It made me so jealous to hear him talk about all of the places he's been. The man was a world traveler.

This is Captain Kim himself.

This is the raft captained by the Captain's son, Dean. They were in view most of the trip so it kinda ruined the illusion of isolation on the river.

This pile of driftwood looks like its piled up over the years. I half expected to see some beavers lurking around the premises.

Something else to see on the trip were the Hoodoos. These are natural formations in the rock.


Melanie said...

What great photos! This sounds like it was a wonderful experience.

Melanie said...

PS- I've also tagged you with the meme of four!

The duck thief said...

Thanks for the tag. It was a really fun. I was worried about falling overboard but the river was so calm.