Thursday, December 13, 2007

7 Things About Me

I was tagged by Writer's Blog to provide you, my wonderful readers, seven facts about me.

Seven things you don't know about me:

1. I really like the feel of new soap out of the package. There's just something about square soap before it gets worn down. Weird huh?

2. I save spiders when I find them nesting inside. As creeped out as I am by them, I can't bring myself to kill them. Also, spiders eat mosquitos. By the way, did you know there's a spider in the Amazon Rainforest that's as big as your head and eats birds and small monkeys?

3. I have an obsession with classic movies and classic movie stars that no one my age seems to understand. My current fixation is "Golden Boy" William Holden. I mean, just look at him. What's not to like? Watch "Stalag 17" or "Sunset Boulevard" if you don't believe me.

4. I have a problem with books. I buy them faster than I read them. Thus I have over 1000 books in storage that I've never even touched.

5. I am not a morning person. Don't get me wrong. I like mornings but I like sleeping in more.

6. I sing in the shower.

7. I love shifting gears in my car. There's just something about it I can't explain. Granted when I was learning to drive a stick shift I cursed every small hill and intersection but now it's all good.


Anonymous said...


I don't care for spiders and I can't even touch them so they pretty much get left alone or I have someone help me. Ewwwww! Spiders.

New soap, me too. I like it when it's pristine, not wierd at all :o)

Good seven facts and I would have come to get you, lol, if you hadn't shown up soon. :o)

The duck thief said...

Good to know I'm not crazy when it comes to soap.