Sunday, December 02, 2007

This stuff is like shoveling wet sand!

So this is what it looked like outside yesterday. Look at all that snow! Usually I like now but this is the wet kind that's a pain to shovel and scares everyone into staying home. But not me. I had to go to work.

This is what it looked like on the way to work. Kinda dreary.

This is what I love about snow, what it hides and what it reveals. See, I would never have known that a cat used this trail or that anything had walked along here before me that morning.

I wasn't having the best day. I was sick and had to go to work. And it snowed. But on the way home I saw this. There's this guy downtown I call Chalkman! who does beautiful pieces. This is "Girl with a Pearl Earring".

And this is "Head of a Girl". It's strange how some things can just make your whole day seem better.

Here's hoping you don't have to shovel wet snow any time soon.


teflonjedi said...

I see you weren't kidding about the snow...

Melanie said...

Hmm, strange, yesterday I was shovelling wet heavy snow! Grr.
I love the chalk portraits. So beautiful.

mister anchovy said...

Is he trying to copy paintings by old masters? I think I'd like the chalk pictures better if he made up his own.

The duck thief said...

He is copying paintings by old masters. I'm not sure if he does his own art as well but I really like them.