Sunday, March 30, 2008

Canadian Women win Curling Gold!

The Canadian Women won gold at the World Curling Championships! They won 7-4 over China. Nice!


Dark Orpheus said...

This is interesting: when I save the template for your blog onto my hard drive, and loaded it up as a html page - it shows up "correctly": side columns are narrow, your post column wider.

This may mean the problem is not with the template code.

I'm working on a hunch here: have you tried deleting your LibraryThing function on the side column? Or at least limit the number of books featured to 3?

The left column seems to have expanded to accomodate the entire row of your LibraryThing bookcovers. Maybe you can try deleting the LibraryThing function first - then see if it improves the layout.

The duck thief said...

I tried limiting the number to 3 and then eliminated my LibraryThing section altogether but it doesn't seem to have had an effect.

Dark Orpheus said...

Ah, looking much better now.

And a lot easier to read too. :)