Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sickness + Hockey + WWI

I am so happy to be posting again. I thought this was finally going to be when I start posting daily and then I happen to get sick. I spent all of yesterday lying as still as possible and, if you'll excuse me, trying not to blow chunks. The worst part was I wasn't sleepy and couldn't even read a book without feeling nauseous. Do you have any idea what it's like staring at the ceiling all day? Fortunately I was listening to CBC but it got tiresome after hearing the same stories every half hour.

I'm feeling much better today but the experience made me think of women who spend their whole lives in bed. Two immediately came to mind. One was a women in "Harriet the Spy", one of Harriet's "victims". I believe she spied on her through a broken skylight. Then there's the bedridden woman in the movie "Pollyanna". I always remember that woman because Hayley Mills decorates her room with crystals and there's some discussion of calf's foot jelly. To my knowledge this is still the most disgusting kind of jelly I've heard of, though I'm still not clear on the distinction between jelly and jam. To elaborate I looked up a description of this jelly: a savory jelly made with gelatin obtained by boiling calves' feet. *shudders*

Some announcements you might not be aware of:

The IIHF World Hockey Championships are currently underway in Eastern Canada. So far Canada has gone 6-0 and is into the Semi-Finals. Yes! We play Sweden on Friday to get into the Finals.

Also, did you know that the IIHF (International Ice Hockey Federation) is 100 years old this year?

The last known surviving Canadian WWI veteran has become a Canadian citizen again. John Foster Babcock was born here but became a naturalized U.S. citizen in 1946. At 107, he's now holds dual citizenship.

He joined the Canadian Expeditionary Forces at age 15, lying about his age and was shipped over to Britain. I only hope to live as long as he has.


Melanie said...

Well, I'm glad you're feeling a bit better! Nothing worse than being so sick you can't even read; unless of course it happens on a holiday weekend!! So sorry.

Dark Orpheus said...

Sort of have an idea of how it was like having to stay in bed. Was in bed a lot last month after my surgery. I'm usually an active person. Not being able to move around is torture.

Just take care of yourself though. It's not necessary to post everyday - everyone has their own schedule.