Saturday, August 02, 2008

WALL-E (2008)

The earth is so polluted it can no longer sustain life. Humans have traveled into space, leaving behind an army of robots to clean up the mess. 700 years pass and only one robot remains standing. His name is WALL-E (Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class) and his only friend is a cockroach. Every day he compacts trash into squares, building garbage skyscrapers alongside their man-made compatriots. He salvages various 'artifacts' (ie Rubix cube), watches "Hello Dolly" every night and longs for companionship. One day, he makes a discovery that will utterly change his life.

The team at Pixar continue to outdo themselves. WALL-E may even be, dare I say it, better than "Toy Story". All I can say is, for a movie with little to no dialogue, it blew me away.

The animation in the first thirty minutes looked cinematography from an epic movie with all the variety and types of shots used. WALL-E lives in a fully-realized world, detailed down to the last bit of trash.

The story was solid, combining romance and humour in a believable way. The script was especially important for this movie as much of the story had to be told in a non-verbal manner. Visual clues are placed throughout the story to tell the audience what has happened to the earth and humanity. A good example can be found at the beginning of the movie when we watch WALL-E during a typical day at work. The untold story of Earth and her 'demise' are woven into the background of scenes.

The score was amazing and really contributed to the atmosphere of certain scenes. I honestly have nothing bad to say about WALL-E and all I can recommend is if you haven't seen this movie, take a chance and see it in theatres.

Rating: 5/5

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