Sunday, August 03, 2008

The Sunday Rundown


After dispensing with the disappointment that was "Master and Commander", I've moved on to what I hope will be a more rewarding book. It's Agatha Christie's, "The Hound of Death". The title sounds interesting enough so I can only hope the stories prove to be the same.

Listening To:

I heard this in a recent and original Toyota commercial and decided to try and find the real song. It's "Do I Go" by Evren.


It's really unfair that fats and salts taste so good but are so bad for us. Don't get me wrong I like a handful of cherry tomatoes, fresh blackberries and a tasty Caesar salad as much as the next person. There's just something about fries cooked in oil and covered in salt though that makes them irresistible. Could it be the high blood pressure, the cholesterol (not the good kind), the atherosclerosis (try saying that five times fast)? Who knows. All I can say is, sometimes the craving for a fast food burger and a large fries just hits you.


I found this little gem after sifting through various Cookie Monster vids on YouTube. In it, my favourite blue monster recites a poem. Enjoy!

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