Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Sunday Rundown


"Rebecca" was so good! Currently I'm working on "The Other Boleyn Girl" and boy is it not living up to the hype. It's part of my Chunkster Challenge and I kept hearing people say how great it was. Don't believe them. There's a definite lack of atmosphere that probably results from poor description. The dynamic between Mary, Anne and George is at least partially interesting. The pacing also, is wickedly slow.


You know how people talk about having good china? Did these types of plates originate in China? What's going on here?


Now I present to you Ninja Cat. I found this a few weeks ago and the first time I watched it the cat completely freaked me out. The head tilt is what really got me.


This is "The Holy Ground" by The High Dials. Their sound kind of reminds me of Travis and The Joel Plaskett Emergency but the best thing about them is they're Canadian! Enjoy.


Andi said...

I haven't been able to bring myself to try The Other Boleyn Girl, and now it sounds like that was a wise decision! I hope it gets better for you.

theduckthief said...

Things finally got interesting at about page 200. Then it took until about page 330 for me to have an emotional connection to the book. At this point the family dynamic between Mary, Anne and George are by far the most interesting part of the book.