Friday, March 06, 2009

Star Trek Reborn!

I'm selfishly glad that all of these old franchises are getting reboots because that means they come out in theatres. All my life I've heard about people going to see Star Wars for the first time back in '77 and very seldom have I seen a film on the big screen that's become iconic. I don't really think "Titanic" counts because everyone went nuts that year.

But this, this trailer gives me hope. I've been a fan of Star Trek for a long time, having grown up on TNG. It came on right after the news and it would be a family affair, plunking down in front of the set. That's back when remote controls only had five buttons. Oh how far we've come.

I hope this movie doesn't fall short of expectations because I trailers often have the best parts packed in to draw viewers to the theatres. I do like how they've changed Kirk's enlistment into Starfleet though. Also, I think Bruce Greenwood was the perfect choice to play Pike and it's not just because he's Canadian. Anyway, this newest trailer has up the ante and I can't wait to see this movie. Expect to see a review of the film up here soon after it's released.

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Dark Orpheus said...

I'm waiting for this Star Trek movie too! I' really keeping my fingers crossed that it will not suck.

I was quite fond of the prequel Star Trek series for a while - the one with Scott Bakula as Jonathan Archer. There is something I like about taking a successful franchise, and then going backwards to explore how it all began.

*fingers crossed*

Kirk has to be my favourite Captain. He seems to actually have *fun* captaining a starship. And he got to kiss a lot of girls.