Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Template and Spanish Treasure!


I've been frustrated with my newish template as of late. I wanted to do more with it but was unable to figure out how to change the template as it was created by an Indonesian and not written in English.

But in the last two hours I've updated to the new blogger, fiddled with the width for my blog and uploaded a beautiful picture of Longbeach. When the tide goes out you can literally walk for a mile.

I like the new template. It's got clean lines and now I can upload whatever photo strikes my fancy. My only problems now come with the post footer and some font around the "About Me" section on the sidebar. They're far too small and I've haven't figured out how to fix it yet but that's a small price to pay for near perfection when it comes to my template. And now, on to Treasure!

A ship code-named "Black Swan" was discovered in 2007 but a treasure-hunting company called Odyssey. It's said to contain $500 million in silver coins and hundreds of gold objects.

My understanding when it comes to discovering shipwrecks is that it's finders keepers or at least a portion may be kept by those who discovered the wreck. But back in September 2008 the Spanish government said they had proof the ship was one of theirs, an 1804 wreck named "Nuestra Senora de las Mercedes".

A court ruling demanded Odyssey turn over the treasure to the Soanish government and the company has been given until July 6 to appeal the decision.

This is almost too much excitement. Discoveries of shipwrecks laden with gold and precious artifacts just doesn't happen anymore.

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