Monday, October 24, 2011

Christian Marclay's "Clock"

I found this the other day. It is amazing. It's a 24 hour film that's a meditation on time, literally. It took 2 years to splice the work together from hundreds of films where characters check or refer to the time at all hours of this film. It's currently being shown at art galleries.

The amazing part of this film is that it's synched so that at every moment a clock is seen, it matches the exact same time in the real world. It's mind bogglin because not only does the moment when a clock have to be timed within its own clip, but all the clips have to match up in relation to each other. It makes my head hurt.

"The Clock" Christian Marclay

Here is a clip to give you an idea of how the film is pieced together.

And out of this wonderful clip I discovered Smokey Robinson "The Love I Saw in You was just a Mirage"

It's wonderful and strange to think how the internet provides an ease of jumping off into completely unrelated subjects.

And that song, for some reason, led me to Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose "It's Too Late to Turn Back Now" which feels oddly fitting. Enjoy!

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