Sunday, May 22, 2005

Belinda Stronach jumps the shark

I just about choked on my dinner when I saw this on the news. One reason for this may have been that it came without any warning. There were no whispers in the bathrooms of Parliament and there were certainly no secret emails that accidentally got sent out to everyone on your mailing list.

In an interesting turn of events... Belinda Stronach has crossed the floor to join her once mortal enemies, the Liberals. Both camps were surprised and when Steven Harper heard of this he immediately called Paul Martin out and challenged him to a silly string fight.

I was absolutely disgusted though with what the media reported, playing interviews where various men said that she was "whoring herself out for power." Now, we all know that politicians do this but it's not put in these words. And if Stronach was a man named Bernard, do you think anyone would have said she was "whoring herself out"? They would have used different words and I wonder why it is that when a woman does something like this that it's put in those words. As far as I'm concerned she saw an opportunity and she took it. If it turns out to be the worst decision she's ever made, don't worry, she'll pay for it. Martin might hand her the Ministry of Poopy Politics or the Ministry of Watching Kitchen Floors Being Retiled Improperly.

But in my opinion, she's the one that saved the government on Thursday during the budget vote. I would have actually liked to see her cross the floor but since that wasn't going to happen I just imagined Martin doing his little "GleeHands" signature move when he found out about Stronach's move. And as much as I dislike politicians for all the backdealing and whatever, I'm glad we're not going to have another election yet. I don't think I could handle another 36 days of propoganda being shoved down my throat. I couldn't eat for days after that happened the first time.

For those out there who aren't Canadian and don't know what the heck I'm talking about. Belinda Stronach is a former Conservative and opposition member.

I had a little bit of an inkling that she was a lefty-righty (a place to the right of left that might make you a buddy of lefties instead of righties) after she sided with the government on same-sex marriage. This all sounds more like a fight to the death over which hand you use to write with. But often, politics really is a high school drama. Anybody ever watch Degrassi? "After that scene where Harper got in bed with Duceppe I just couldn't watch another episode." *sniff* "I was so upset." They act like a bunch of children with a lot of money and they don't know what to do with it.

As for jumping the shark; she hasn't gone off the deep-end, I just remember that "Happy Days" episode as being very surprising. Okay no, I saw the re-run. But you don't see someone jump a shark every day do you? "After that scene, where the Fonz jumped the shark, I just couldn't watch another episode. That poor shark; can you imagine the trauma it must have gone through, the thousands of dollars it must have spent on therapy?"


CanadaDave said...

Belinda crossing the floor was an interesting move. At the time it kind of irritated me since working the election would have earned me a pretty penny, but overall I think it was better for the country. (though not so much for Peter MacKay)

The duck thief said...

A pretty penny, how so? Do you work for Elections Canada or something?

The part that bugs me is that they're playing up the whole MacKay-Stronach relationship saying she broke his heart and he never knew about her plans. Blah blah blah.

CanadaDave said...

It cost me money since I would have been managing a campaign in my home riding had the election been called. It's a paying job and would have made great summer employment...

And while I believe that MacKay is a weasel, having your girlfriend break up with you on national TV is pretty harsh. I legitimately believe that he didn't know her plans. Mostly because almost no one else knew. Even her constituency office staff found out by watching her and the PM on TV.