Saturday, July 02, 2005

Happy Canada Day 2005!

Well I'm only one day late this year. What's my excuse? Well, it's a good one; I was working yesterday. Yup, and it was so busy that I came home, fell down and went straight to sleep. Not necessarily in that order though.

You would think people would have better things to do with their time then run me off my feet. I mean, there are parades to watch and fireworks to burn your fingers on.

This Canada Day is very special because of the culmination of several things but let's start at the beginning. Canada is now 138 years old! Now, to me that's an insanely long time but our neighbours to the south celebrated their bicentennial almost thirty years ago so we're still young (relatively).

This year we also celebrate the Centennials of Alberta and Saskatchewan joining Confederation. I certainly hope things dry up there. Why kind of a party can you have when the candles are all wet?

This year is also the year of the Veteran. 60 years ago brave men stormed the beaches of Normandy and some gave their lives so we could be free.

And for the first time since 1965, the first maple leaf flag was again flown at the Peace Tower. A few posts ago I mentioned how the Canadian flag was 40 years old this year and how the very first flag had been located in Belgium of all places. Well, it was flown back to Canada in time for...yesterday and I'm glad to have it back. These pieces of history need to be remembered and that's not very easy when it's across the pond and in the country that invented fries.

I hope everybody had a great Canada Day. My face hurt afterwards from smiling so much. There was a certain energy in the air that just made you want to laugh out loud or at least tatoo your face for the day.

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