Monday, July 11, 2005

London Bombings

Last week a tragedy unfolded in London aboard a bus and in the underground. At last count, 52 people had lost their lives. The city was shaken and Tony Blair spoke out against the attacks. But despite what has happened I don't think anything could break the Brits. During the bombings of London in World War II the people remained, only sending their children away. Even the royal family stayed in London. Canada has strong ties to the UK as do I and all I can say is that our thoughts are with you.

What does this event have to do with Canada? Supposedly there is a list of countries that will be targeted. Canada is on that list. But at the same time you say hey, we're a bunch of nice guys and they probably couldn't even find Canada on the map.

But Public Safety Minister Anne McLellan says we're being ignorant. "I do not believe that Canadians are psychologically prepared for a terrorist attack," said McLellan. "I think probably we all should be. I think we have for perhaps for too long thought that these were things that happened somewhere else."

That's something I think Canadians tend to believe. All the bad stuff happens somewhere else. Does that mean we should be afraid? No we should be aware. I woudl hope that nothing would happen but it seems to be inevitable.

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