Monday, October 10, 2005

Thanksgiving: an excuse to stuff your face

Well, it's that time of year again. When family members drug unwanted relatives with turkey and then drop them off at the nearest Hotel. To avoid this, ask for Tofurky. It may be gross but at least you won't be sleeping at a Motel 6 on much-used sheets. Ew.

The whole point of fighting your way through a sea of elbows to the food and sitting beside the one relative who spits food when he talks, is to get to the end. And the pie, don't forget the pie. Everyone's sprawled out on couches, polishing off the bad wine and dipping into the good stuff. The older relatives start telling stories and then fall asleep halfway through talking about the heist at the goat farm. Everyone's uncomfortably squished into the room with the fire and it takes the jaws of life to extract anyone from the comfy couch. And let's not forget the family members who sneak off to check the score and then turn the tv down low so they can watch the rest. We have so much to be thankful for, heh. Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

And let's not forget that the first North American Thanksgiving celebrated by Europeans was in Newfoundland with Martin Frobischer in 1578. Everyone has conveniently forogetten about that and promoted that funny celebration down south where they wear those funny hats and put funnels on their guns. What's that all about?

Check out last year's Thanksgiving post to see what I mean.

And please note that the link on the Thanksgiving post is inaccurate. It should say, the first American Thanksgiving was in 1621, not North American.

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