Saturday, April 19, 2008

Look Ma it's Snowin'

First off I'd like to make a big thank you to DarkOrpheus for helping me with my template. I've been fiddling with the side columns forever, trying to make them smaller and finally, finally I found the solution.

Now, these pictures may look a lot like the ones I posted a few months ago when we were still in the grips of winter but these pictures were taken today. After a nice few days that felt more like the first touches of summer, I was met this morning with a flurry of snowflakes. I felt like I'd stepped into the Time Tunnel. (This was an old tv show starring James Darren. My mom said he was a teenage heartthrob.) It felt like Christmas all over again and then I remember I had to go downtown to run errands and that's when I started to wave my fist at the clouds. I cursed the slushy roads and slippery sidewalks.

I wondered if I'd have to get bundled up to get downtown. I'd definitely have to wear boots unless I wanted to walk around in wet socks. Now, while you might think 0 degrees is nothing, remember I'm on the coast. Often the temperature will be above freezing but still bone cold. It's this darn moist air that I'll never get used to.

I was looking forward to getting into the nice weather, the weather I like about the coast. And the vegetation. All the flowers and greenery make the winter monsoon all worth it. But on my way to the bus I passed these poor daffodils. And it's not just the flowers and trees in leaf that suffer. I didn't hear any birds on my dismal walk and the ant hill I frequently walk by and keep an eye on (more on that later) was completely covered. The rosemary bush I admire and envy didn't look the worse for wear though.

When I got downtown though, as I expected, there was no snow. Only the lightest drizzle and fortunately the flowers by The Empress were spared. Pretty huh? There are benefits living really close to the ocean. Snow turns to rain. Did I mention it hailed like the 7th Coming yesterday? Just as I drove out of the garage to run errands and meet a friend for coffee it starts to come down like nobody's business. Luckily my windshield wipers were in perfect working order and I'm a good driver but there were accidents all over the place that day.


teflonjedi said...

We had a typhoon here yesterday...rough weather all 'round!

The new template looks great!

the duck thief said...


Are typhoons really as bad as you hear on the radio? What exactly is involved? Just lots of rain and wind or are there waterspouts?

teflonjedi said...

Well, a typhoon is "just" a hurricane...though in this case it weakened to tropical storm levels when it got to our place. Lots of rain and wind, and I would imagine tornadoes and/or waterspouts are possible. I got partially drenched in Hong Kong, but the winds made a bigger appearance in Guangzhou, just due to the storm track.